VeloRoute SaarLorLux in Luxemburg

The renowned SaarLorLux Bike Route takes you through three countries so you can enjoy their magnificent landscapes and cultural sites at the same time. It passes through Germany, France and Luxembourg for about 486 km, along valleys and lakes and through vineyards and woods as well as the historic towns of Saarbrücken, Metz, Luxembourg and Trier. Most of the journey takes place on special bike trails and secondary roads with little traffic.

You will enter Luxembourg via Schengen, a small romantic village with an international reputation, before continuing along the Moselle river and through vineyards to Remich were you’ll be offered a picturesque view from the hills. Needless to say, you will come across countless small places to take a break, whether it is to discover gastronomy, wine or nature, before pedalling onwards to the capital, where numerous attractions and sites await. The adventure will then continue through the countryside, via Beidweiler and Consdorf to Echternach, nestled in the idyllic Sûre valley. From there, following the Sûre river, you will arrive at Wasserbillig, your last stop in the Grand Duchy before crossing the border in the direction of Trier, Germany, laying behind you 110 memorable kilometres in Luxembourg.


VeloRoute SaarLorLux in Luxembourg

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Cycle tour "VeloRoute SaarLorLux"

Where : Schengen

Schengen - Remich - Luxemburg - Beidweiler - Consdorf - Echternach -...

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VeloRoute SaarLorLux


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