Architecture in Luxembourg
Architecture and art in public space - Kirchberg

Discover modern sculpture and contemporary architecture within a futuristic district with its audacious buildings: Kirchberg! This tour takes 2 hours and enables visitors to explore sculptures, works of art displayed within this public space, banks designed...

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Architectural tour of the railway station district

Discover the homogenous architecture of the "plateau Bourbon" with its buildings in the historicist, Art nouveau and Art Déco (end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century) styles. ...

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Architecture in Esch-sur-Alzette

This circuit stresses the most beautiful buildings of historicism, Art nouveau, Art deco and early Modernism and covers a period from 1880 up to 1930. The promoters (property developers/house builders) were Germans, Belgians, French, Luxembourgeans. The inf...

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Architectural tour at the city centre of Luxembourg

This walk illustrates the efforts of architects to integrate modern construction into the traditional settings. It focuses on the period from 1930 to 1950 as well as the end of the 1990s and beginning o the 21st century. ...

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Architecture in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is the country par excellence where testimonies of the past meet the avant-garde spirit of the contemporary Luxembourg architecture. The numerous buildings like churches, abbeys, bridges and villas in Luxembourg are as much a part of its national architectural heritage as the residences itself. They harmoniously blend in with the surrounding architectural buildings. Stand still, look around and let the different eras pass by you. Enjoy a unique architecture and designs embracing contrasts created by famous architects. The Architecture of the Old City of Luxembourg is an outstanding example of this remarkably ingenious mixture. The city center surrounded by modern buildings and historic bastions, Luxembourg’s architecture allows you to experience a real journey through time and civilizations.


Architecture in Luxembourg

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The Luxembourg landscape has gained a number of exemplary designs in recent years.

In each region, it’s possible to discover some remarkable projects daring to assert themselves through contemporary vocabulary, thus establishing new landmarks on our built landscape.

For extremely different contexts and programs, they have a strong identity, all the while accommodating various functional and aesthetic approaches.

While all architectural projects take into account their location, this aspect is sometimes more accentuated.

They also meet one of the challenges of our contemporary architecture, in entering into dialogue with the existing constructed heritage, being historical, industrial or rural.

With the 14 itineraries of, discover, or indeed rediscover, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as a cutting-edge laboratory for new concepts in the field of sustainable construction!

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