Schleck Gran Fondo activities in the Moselle Region

The Moselle region in the east of the country is ideal for culinary adventures and intrinsically linked to wine tourism.

With the river winding through the valley, the region is also appreciated for its large offer in terms of water sports. The Moselle region is home to the internationally known village of Schengen. The picturesque village is one of Europe’s strongest symbols and famous for the Schengen agreement signed in 1985. At the same time, Schengen is also home to talented vintners who produce some of the country’s best white wines and crémants.

Mondorf-les-Bains is a small town situated in the south-eastern part of the country, protected from the winds by the surrounding hills. The spa town of Mondorf-les-bains is well known beyond the borders for its expert mix of wellness, health and culture. The parc of the "Domaine Thermal" covers more than 40 hectares and is a haven for lovers of nature. Families can enjoy a barge tour or a round of minigolf. The "Anciens Thermes", the "Orangerie" and the "Waasserhaus" are spots which can be discovered during a leasurely walk.

Schleck Gran Fondo – it is far more than just cycling. It is a short vacation during a long weekend.

Wine and more ...

It is no coincidence that the valley of the Moselle is one of Luxembourg’s major tourist attractions. The mild climate (typically one or two degrees above the country average) and the spectacular beauty of the hilly vineyards at whose feet the Moselle ambles, gives the region its quite unique character. Moreover the Moselle valley fulfills all the right conditions allowing vintners to grow excellent wines which are appreciated far beyond the borders of our tiny country.


Schleck Gran Fondo - activities in the Moselle Region

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Biodiversum - Nature Reserve Haff Réimech - Remerschen

Where : Remerschen

The nature reserve Haff Réimech, on the bottom of the wine slopes...

biodiversum nature reserve haff reimech

Fête des Vins et Crémants

Where : Luxembourg City

raisins 1

Pleasure boat "MS Princesse Marie-Astrid"

Where : Grevenmacher

On board the MS “Princesse Marie-Astrid” you will discover the...

pleasure boat ms princesse marie astrid 01

Schengen Accord

A significant milestone in European history

It was in the Luxembourg Moselle region, specifically on the Moselle river in the wine village of Schengen, that the treaty which bears its name was first signed in June 1985. The Schengen Accord is one of the most important agreements in European history. The treaty provided for the removal of all border controls between 5 European countries together under the name of the Schengen Area. The European Museum in Schengen recalls the origin and impact of this agreement on the 26 states that are currently members.


Schleck Gran Fondo - activities in the Moselle Region

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Dream loop - Schengen without borders

Where : Schengen

The dream trail “Schengen without borders – Schengen sans...

schengen without borders photo 3

European Museum Schengen

Where : Schengen

The visitor center "Centre Européen houses the "Musée...

european museum schengen inside

Monument "Schengen Agreement"

Where : Schengen

"Schengen, the world’s most famous village, symbolises the free...

monument schengen agreement

Eat & Sleep in the Moselle Region

Life is too short to drink bad wine and to eat without pleasure! Celts, Gauls and Romans have all cultivated vines in the valley of the Moselle River and the know-how has been handed down and improved successfully over the centuries. The Grand Duchy’s renowned crémant (made according to the traditional Champagne method) continuously wins awards in international competitions (Luxembourg is the only country outside France entitled to use the term "crémant") and its wines naturally follow suit. To enjoy all this bottled poetry, why not accompany it with an outstanding meal ?

Guided visits in the Moselle Region

27 vue keierfelsen

"Aalbach" - From the spring to the river mouth

Where : Greiveldange

The hike begins in a typical Moselle landscape with endless vineyards...

vue sur grevenmacher

A historical tour of the town of Grevenmacher

Where : Grevenmacher

Discover Grevenmacher’s history, along with some of the anecdotes...


Am Herscht - The harvest atmosphere

Where : Greiveldange

A hike through the vineyards during the harvest. This is the time of year when...

remerschen schengen

Cycling without borders

Where : Remerschen

Discover the border triangle around Schengen and the "Haff...