Reflective holidays in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is proud of its characteristic and authentic landscapes which invite you to reflect and to release the load of the dull routine of every day.

Reflective Holidays in Luxembourg

Characteristic landscapes invite you to reflect

Luxembourg is proud of its characteristic and authentic landscapes. Beautiful trails range the Grand-Duchy and invite you to contemplate your own life as well as your environment. Majestic rock faces impress the hikers, who cross picturesque villages; the green meadows invite to recover. Finally you may release the load of the dull routine of every day.  Wayside crosses and Stations of the Cross grab the sky and pray for protection from thunderstorms. A panorama view may invite you to reflect, a quiet place gives you the opportunity to make yoga or autogenously training. The characteristic landscapes make you reflect in order to increase your personal wellbeing.

The chime of a bell, wayside crosses and quiet chapels

The old tracks followed by pilgrims since several hundred years,  make you suck in the air of eternity. You will be surprised by a fine adorned or magnificently furnished chapel. They testify faith an hope. The hiking trails like Mullerthaltrail or Escarpardenne, guide you to historic sanctuaries.  Girsterklaus, Rindschleiden,  or even to the chapel of  Bildchen  (Vianden)  placed in the centre of a garden laid out in the spirit of Hildegard von Bingen make you recover. The chapel dedicated to St Donatus on the top of the Moselle valley and surrounded by wine yards, is up to give you a breath-taking panorama.   All these places open you to your own positive sources. With more than 100 figurines, the gothic altar of Hachiville is magnificent. The paintings adorning the church of Troisvierges are attributed to the painting school of Rubens.


A year plenty of liturgical celebrations!

The national pilgrimage "Oktave" (3rd-5th Sunday after Eastern) in honour of the Protectress of Luxembourg, the Consolatrix Afflictorum, makes you become aware of a large public faith. The beautiful character of the cathedral of the Archdiocese stresses this experience. Members of the grand-ducal family and the Government take every year part in the Closing procession of this national pilgrimage time. On Ascension day some 20.000 faithful pray to the blessed Virgin of Fatima. The nice place is located on the high plateau of Wiltz in the Ardennes. On Whitsun Tuesday some 10.000 faithful praying men and women gather to take part in the dancing processing of Echternach. This specific kind of physical praying has been recognized by the Unesco as immaterial cultural World heritage. The celebrations in honour of St Jack include a contemplative hiking tour. The holy Cross chapel on the top of the Grevenmacher wine yards offers you a breath-taking panoramic view down to the Moselle Valley. Assumption (August 15th) is celebrated in most villages with parish and fun fairs. The "Gregorian days" in the Benedictine abbey of Clervaux ranks among the spiritual highlights in the autumn. On December 17th, the relic skull of St Yolanda is venerated in the marvellous Trinitarian church of Vianden. Advent means the beginning of Christ markets proposing incredibly gift ideas, gastronomic  experiences, local cuisine. The most beautiful initiative is nevertheless, the tour to ancient and modern Christmas cribs. Some are of great artistic value, some other tell a tender story.

Fasting, hiking, reflecting

Hiking without luggage represents great comfort to pilgrims, hikers, or simple visitors. Free from bearing any load, you are also free from bearing the brunt of the work. Lose your hold of everything; follow a cultural track, a spiritual trail. The Grand-Duchy is crossed by some 5.000 km of marked trails. Those who cross Europe on the track of St Jack, discover on a 160 km long trail over roman routes or following small rivers, the most beautiful places, such as the papal basilica or the cathedral of Luxembourg.   Wellbeing and fitness make one. Most of the hotels and campsites offer wellness infrastructures, dietary or local cuisines.  Calm, silence and meekness characterize contemplation workshops organized by the Benedictine monks in Clervaux, or the nuns in Medernach. The hermitage near the St Virgin of Loretto chapel in Clervaux invites you to an individual contemplative stay.

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