Rodange and Lamadelaine, two well-built and pleasant towns, are situated close to the Belgian and French borders. Pétange is an important commercial centre; its modern public buildings, municipal park, monuments, and 40 kilometres of walking paths with viewpoints are only some of its attractions.  Take theTrain 1900 to the Minett Park Fond-de-Gras. Dive into history by going on an archeological visit at Titelberg/Fond-de-Gras, where you'll find a large Trevian oppidum of the 1st century B.C., surrounded by ramparts of a length of nearly 3 kilometres. You will find a Gallo-Roman vicus from the 1st to the beginning of the 5th century.

Go on the "Giele Botter" geological walk of the ancient open-cast iron ore mine. Wander through 2,5 kilometres through the nature reserve "Prënzebierg".

Guided tours are available upon request ("Giele Botter", Titelberg & Industry and Railwaypark in Fond-de-Gras). Phone +352 26 50 41 24 - info@fond-de-gras.lu

"Fuusbësch-Giele Botter" theme-path (take Train 1900 in Pétange and leave at Fuusbësch. The path ends at Fond-de-Gras where you can take Train 1900 back to Pétange).

Train 1900