Tours in Luxembourg

Whether you are visiting Luxembourg for a few days or over a longer period of time, here are some ideas to plan your itineraries and make your stay more memorable.

Tours in Luxembourg

There are six regions in Luxembourg and each one has its own distinctive features. Even if the distances between the different sites are not overwhelming, it is not easy to visit everything during one stay, so you’ll probably find it necessary to make choices.

There are many itineraries and tours available to help you find the best option, whether you prefer nature, culture, history or physical activity. Some will lead you to discover Luxembourg’s heritage or narrate the most exciting chapters of its history, while others will introduce you to the country’s nature and landscapes. Often, it will be a perfect blend of all these aspects.

And don't worry if you haven’t got time to see it all at once: you can come back to Luxembourg as often as you like – we will always welcome you with great pleasure and open arms!

Tours in Luxembourg

7 castles hollenfels 02 cajl

Valley of the Seven Castles Tour - 27 km

Where : Mersch

Guttland – the land of castles. No other part of Luxembourg boasts as...

Tours in Luxembourg


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