Full moon hike

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Duration: 120 minute(s)


min 1 - max 9


Full moon hike

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About the tour

When the night falls in the RedRockRegion and the the landscape is steeped in a mysterious moonlight, us who love to hike, who are moonstruck and who simply want to escape the daily routine are on the road together. Be it in the depth of winter, in blossoming spring, in blazing summer or in cosy autumn - we let ourselves be enchanted by the natural light of the moon and the stars. Along the way, the guide will explain more details on our region which has greatly been marked by the industrial heritage.





Type: On foot

Difficulty: Medium

Targets: Family, Groups, Individuals, Seniors

Languages: French, English, German, Luxembourgish


Group price: 90€

Group price information

120 min. : 90€


Tel.: +352 2754 5991

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