Panorama Tour - 35 km

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Duration: 5 stage(s)

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Panorama Tour - 35 km

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About the tour

The Mullerthal Region - Luxembourg's Little Switzerland has a lot to offer:

  • beautiful panoramic views
  • fascinating rock formations
  • impressive culture and history.

Discover all this via car, motorbike or coach.

Beaufort – Reisdorf – Ermsdorf – Medernach – Christnach – Waldbillig – Mullerthal – Vugelsmillen – Beaufort

Departure - Arrival: Tourist Info Beaufort

Km Via Direction
0,0 Beaufort Reisdorf
3,4 Picnic area Fënsterlach
5,3 Reisdorf Eppeldorf/Ermsdorf
12,0 Ermsdorf Medernach
14,4 Medernach Beaufort/Haller
14,5 Medernach Beaufort/Haller
15,8   Theinshaff/Neienshaff/Kitzebur
16,5   Freckeisen
18,2   Freckeisen
18,5   Christnach
20,4 Christnach ◎↑ Waldbillig
21,7 Waldbillig Echternach/Consdorf/Mëllerdall
23,8 Müllerthal Heringer Millen/Schéissendëmpel
23,9   Müllerthal
24,0 Müllerthal Consdorf
24,1 Müllerthal Beaufort/Grundhof
28,4   Beaufort
31,9 Beaufort ◎↱ Reisdorf/Diekirch/Château
32,4 Beaufort Burg/Château Beaufort
33,2   Beaufort
34,0 Beaufort Tourist Info/Beaufort



B.P. 152
L-6402 Echternach
Tel.: +352 72 04 57
Fax: +352 72 75 24

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Stage 1

You start is at the tourist office in Beaufort. Turn left to Grand-Rue and drive to Reisdorf. After 3.4 km, you will enjoy a panoramic view of the valley of the Sûre at the picnic area Fënsterlach.


Panoramic view

reisdorf syndicat d initiative reisdorf 01
Stage 2

Then you drive down to the valley. In Reisdorf, you turn left towards Eppeldorf/Ermsdorf. In the picturesque valley of the White Ernz, you will drive past Hessemillen and other former mills until Ermsdorf.


White Ernz | Hessemillen | Ermsdorf

reisdorf syndicat d initiative reisdorf 02
Stage 3

From there, you take direction to Medernach where you turn left and go uphill. On top, you turn right and pass on a quiet stretch next to big farms where you will have beautiful view points. This section, however, is not suitable for buses, which should drive over Savelborn to Christnach. Christnach is considered as model village because of its beautifully conserved architecture.


Medernach | View points

Stage 4

You drive through Waldbillig, the birthplace of Luxembourgish poet Michel Rodange, and then to Mullerthal where you can visit the romantic waterfall called Schéissendëmpel (Parking: Heringer Millen, 1 Rue des Moulins, 6245 Mullerthal).


Schéissendëmpel waterfall

Stage 5

Then, you drive through the valley of the Black Ernz and shortly before Grundhof you turn left to Beaufort where you can visit the castle ruins and the Renaissance castle (upon request).


Castle ruins and Renaissance castle