Guided tour of the nature reserve Ellergronn "Natura 2000"

naturschutzgebiet ellergronn administration des eaux et forets

Duration: 90 minute(s)

min 1 - max 20


Guided tour of the nature reserve Ellergronn "Natura 2000"

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About the tour

The didactic path Natura 2000 is separated into three thematic tours which can easily be combined:

Tour A : crosses mainly the forests that have been marked by human beings for years, therefore the topic “the human and the woods”.

Tour B : “The usage of the mining areas, now and then” is the topic to which this circular walk is dedicated.

Tour C: illustrates the principle of “The natural development in a former mining area”. It shows how nature took over the former opencast mining areas over time.





Type: On foot

Difficulty: Easy

Targets: Family, Individuals, Kids

Languages: French, English, German, Luxembourgish


Group price: 75€

Group price information

90 min. : 75€ | 120 min. : 90€


Tel.: +352 2754 5991

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