Mullerthal Grand Tour - 79 km

Duration: 4 stage(s)

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Tour stage 4

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About the tour

The Mullerthal Region - Luxembourg's Little Switzerland has a lot to offer:

  • beautiful panoramic views
  • fascinating rock formations
  • impressive culture and history.

Discover all this via car, motorbike or coach.

Echternach – Rosport – Dickweiler – Girsterklaus – Dickweiler – Herborn – Bech – Consdorf – Reilandermillen – Reuland – Heffingen – Larochette – Medernach – Savelborn – Haller – Beaufort – Vugelsmillen – Berdorf – Echternach

Departure - Arrival : Echternach/A Kack

Km Via Direction
0,0 Echternach   Wasserbillig
5,0 Steinheim Rosport
8,0 Rosport Dickweiler
11,0 Dickweiler Girsterklaus
14,0 Girsterklaus Dickweiler
17,0 Dickweiler Osweiler
19,0   Wasserbillig/Mompach
21,3   Herborn
24,0 Herborn Berbourg
24,6 Herborn Berbourg
25,4   Bech
29,4 Bech Consdorf/E29
32,0 E29 Consdorf
34,8 Consdorf Christnach, Mullerthal
39,7 Breidweiler Pont Blumenthal/Luxembourg
43,8 Reilandermillen Reuland/Heffingen
45,3 Reuland Heffingen
48,0 Heffingen Larochette
50,8 Larochette Medernach
53,7 Medernach Haller/Beaufort
54,0 Medernach Savelborn/Haller/Beaufort
57,4 Savelborn Beaufort/Haller
57,6 Savelborn Beaufort/Haller
60,3 Haller Reisdorf/Beaufort
63,5 Beaufort Grundhof/Echternach
64,0 Beaufort ↰◎ Echternach/Grundhof
67,7 Vugelsmillen Larochette/Berdorf/Mullerthal
67,8 Vugelsmillen Consdorf/Berdorf
72,2 Berdorf Echternach
76,8   Echternach
78,8 Echternach Echternach



B.P. 152
L-6402 Echternach
Tel.: +352 72 04 57
Fax: +352 72 75 24
[email protected]

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Stage 1

From Echternach, you ride along the Sûre, direction Wasserbillig. In Rosport, you turn right to Dickweiler and pass higher meadows. Before Dickweiler, you turn left to Girsterklaus. The watch tower of this lovely chapel is from 12th century! If the church is closed, a note tells you where to get the key.



Stage 2
Valley of the Black Ernz

Back in Dickweiler, you drive through Herborn and Bech towards Consdorf, where you turn left towards Mullerthal and immerse in the rocks. At Breidweiler-Pont, turn left through the beautiful valley of the Black Ernz towards Junglinster. After almost 1 km, you see the wooden pier and the travertine spring on your left. You can leave your car at the end of the pier.

Travertine spring

Stage 3

After Reilandermillen, you turn right up to Reuland where plateaus with meadows, fields and beautiful views dominate the landscape. Continue straight ahead to Heffingen and then Larochette, where a trip to the castle that dates from the 11th century is recommended.


Larochette castle

Stage 4

Continue via Medernach, Savelborn and Haller to Beaufort, where you should visit the ruins of the old castle and the Renaissance castle (visit upon request). It will get "rocky" again after Beaufort. In Vugelsmillen you drive up to Berdorf, past the famous rock formations Predigtstuhl and Perekop back to Echternach.


Renaissance castle