Little Switzerland Tour - 24 km

Duration: 5 stage(s)

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About the tour

The Mullerthal Region - Luxembourg's Little Switzerland has a lot to offer:

  • beautiful panoramic views
  • fascinating rock formations
  • impressive culture and history.

Discover all this via car, motorbike or coach.

Echternach - Berdorf - Grundhof - Echternach

Departure - Arrival : Echternach/Train station

Km Via Direction
0,0 Echternach   Diekirch
1,0   Berdorf
3,1   Parking: Perekop, Tour Malakoff
4,6 Berdorf Breechkaul / Amphitheater
4,8   Berdorf
5,4 Berdorf Berdorf centre
6,4 Berdorf Consdorf
7,6 Berdorf Aquatower visit
7,6   Berdorf
9,1 Berdorf Beaufort/Grundhof/Mullerthal
10,7   Parking: Predigtstuhl, Werschrummschlüff
13,5 Vugelsmillen Grundhof/Echternach
14,4 farm Grundhof
15,1 Grundhof Echternach
18,0 Bollendorf-Pont Echternach
21,0 Weilerbach Echternach



B.P. 152
L-6402 Echternach
Tel.: +352 72 04 57
Fax: +352 72 75 24
[email protected]

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Stage 1

From Echternach, you take the direction of Diekirch, turn towards Berdorf and drive next to beautiful rock formations. You can climb up the narrow crevice of Perekop (after 3.1km); the parking lot is located next to the road. After crossing the road, you can walk until the rock Tour Malakoff, situated on the right side.


Tour Malakoff

Stage 2

More rocky highlights will wait for you after 1.5km with the car. Before Berdorf, you turn left to the forest. From the parking lot, you walk for 300m to the Amphitheater and Hohllay where you can see how the millstones, used in the numerous mills in the region, were hewn out of the rocks.



Stage 3

Continue to Berdorf with the car and then take the direction Consdorf. After 1.2km, you will find yourself in front of the impressive 55m high Aquatower which you can visit. You drive back to the center of Berdorf and then turn left to Mullerthal. At the rock called Predigtstuhl, another stop is recommended and you can also walk up through the impressive Werschrummschlüff.



Stage 4

You continue into the valley, where you turn right towards Grundhof, past meadows, where you can see the beautiful Angus cattle. At the farm, another photo stop is recommended. The course of the Black Ernz river is very nice there.

Angus cattle | Black Ernz

Stage 5

In Grundhof, turn right, drive through Bollendorf-Pont and you reach Weilerbach, where you can cross Alfred-Töpfer bridge. Next to it, you see a monument commemorating the Second World War, erected by US-veterans.

Continue straight ahead back to Echternach.


Alfred-Töpfer bridge | Second World War Monument