Ecclesiastical heritage of the city

Duration: 180 minute(s)

People: min 1 - max 20

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About the tour

Discover Luxembourg City’s churches and religious buildings!

Luxembourg City is home to numerous churches and religious buildings which, thanks to their historical significance and outstanding architecture, have become popular tourist attractions. During this 3-hour tour, an official guide will take you to the city’s most significant religious landmarks, such as the centrally located Cathedral “Notre-Dame de Luxembourg” with its stately towers, the Saint Michael’s church also known as the city’s oldest sacred building, or the rock-hewn Saint Quirin’s chapel which is located on the site of a natural spring said to have healing powers. If you wish to explore churches throughout the Grand Duchy, the tour can be extended upon request.


Type: On foot

Difficulty: Easy

Targets: Groups, Seniors

Languages: French, English, German, Dutch, Luxembourgish


Group price: 150€