Guided tours in Luxembourg

What better way to uncover the richness and secrets of a country than with a local guide?

Guided Tours in Luxembourg

To really explore the richness and secrets of the country, have a local guide accompany you. It is a great way of learning interesting facts about Luxembourg, its history and inhabitants, and also its traditions and customs.

The local tourist guides work in close collaboration with the Grand Duchy’s six regions and in their company you will have the opportunity to discover Luxembourg from a different and more personal angle. Guided tours are offered on many sites. Some are particularly suitable for children, some for enthusiastic hikers, while others offer evening walks, boat tours or museum visits. There's something for everyone!

So, whether you like history or just stories, whether you like to move or just contemplate, don't hesitate to book your guided tour for some unique experiences and encounters.

Suggestions for guided tours in Luxembourg

beaufort chateau 2

"Little Switzerland" Guided coach tour

Where : Echternach

The guide boards the coach in Echternach. From there, you drive to Consdorf,...

tour 5 peuky

"Medieval tour" Guided tour Echternach - kids

Where : Echternach

During this tour, you discover Echternach in the Middle Ages. You walk along...

mullerthal jm 06457

"Mensch und Stein" Guided geological hike Beaufort

Where : Beaufort

The group is hiking on the geological trail “Mensch und Stein” in...

naturpad befort besch daniel halasz

"Naturpad Befort" Guided hike nature path Beaufort - kids

Where : Beaufort

You meet your guide at the parking area of the castle of Beaufort. The nature...


"Räiberhiel" Guided hike Berdorf

Where : Echternach

You meet your hiking guide at the Tourist Office in Berdorf. The local hiking...


"Räiberhiel" Guided hike Berdorf - kids

Where : Echternach

You meet your guide at the Tourist Information in Berdorf. The local hiking...

velotour gourmand2

"Vélotour Gourmand" Guided bike tour with regional products

Where : Echternach

During this 32 km long tour, you can combine a bike tour with tasting regional...


"Vélotour Kultur" Guided bike tour

Where : Echternach

On this 27 km long accompanied tour, you will discover nature and the cultural...

vue sur grevenmacher

A historical tour of the town of Grevenmacher

Where : Grevenmacher

Discover Grevenmacher’s history, along with some of the anecdotes...

fond de gras titelberg ort sud 2

Archaeological finds on the "Tëtelbierg"

Where : Differdange

This guided tour will lead you to the archaeological finds on the...

belval city of science blast furnace

Belval - City of Science & Blast-Furnace

Where : Esch-sur-Alzette

This guided tour combines the discovery of the blast furnace with the visit of...

spp vdlx 282 fraa sunset corniche

City Promenade (bilingual: German/French)

Where : Luxembourg City

In the company of an experienced guide, you will enjoy walking around the city...

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