Marina in Schwebsange

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Marina in Schwebsange

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The only marina on the Luxembourgish Moselle offers 225 berths for pleasure boats and 145 Camping spots. It is designed so as to be able to ascend with the high floods of the moselle, and consequently to offer places for wintering in the marina.
Visitors who wish to stay in the marina must declare their entry into the marina at the harbor master’s office equipped with an ID and papers and travel to the place assigned by the harbor master.

Season start: 1st April
End of season: 31st October

Useful information

Opening hours

Opening hours
  A.M P.M
Monday 08h30 - 12h0013h30 - 19h00
Tuesday 08h30 - 12h0013h30 - 19h00
Wednesday 08h30 - 12h0013h30 - 19h00
Thursday 08h30 - 12h0013h30 - 19h00
Friday 08h30 - 12h0013h30 - 19h00
Saturday 08h30 - 12h0013h30 - 19h00
Sunday 08h30 - 12h0013h30 - 19h00


Bed And Bike
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Am Hafen
L-5447 Schwebsange
Tel.: +352 23 66 44 60

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Marina in Schwebsange

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