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Circular walk "Bunker"

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The “Bunker” hike starts at the “Friedboesch”, 2.4 km/1.5 miles outside the village of Schlindermanderscheid. Leaving in the direction of Oberschlinder, we come to Schlinder valley, the location of a small chapel dedicated to St Cunegonde built by local residents in 1858.

After retracing our steps a few metres, we return to the main path through attractive woodland and by the places known as “Furebierg” and “Lannebierg”. After leaving the wood, we turn left along the main CR348 road, and 500m later we turn right towards the Wiltz river valley. We cross the well spot known as “Hoflay”, before walking past “Falkegriecht” then arriving at “Gierschterbaach”. Then the path takes us near to the “Hockslay” view point that is 50m above the path, with its splendid views over the village of Kautenbach.

If you look hard you will find remains of a Second World War bunker near this spot, but there are only few informations left about this hiding place. Returning to the path, we come to another view point, this time made from metal, and giving a panoramic view of the villages in the valley below. Then, continuing towards “Friedboesch”, we find a Second World War bunker which was restored in 2016. During the Nazi occupation, 17 members of the resistance and refugees fleeing the regime used an armoured underground shelter known as “Dosbaach”.

In 1944, from the end of May until liberation day on 10th September, this bunker housed 17 people. They received supplies from the inhabitants of neighbouring villages, despite the risk of punishment if caught aiding fugitives. After a short climb, we arrive back to the start at Friedboesch.


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Difficulty : Easy