Stage trail Our

In the surrounding area

troisvierges 2

01 Station to station Troisvierges - Maulusmühle - Clervaux

Where : Troisvierges

Starting point: Troisvierges station

randonnees 3

Circular walk "NaturWanderPark Delux: Nat'Our Route 1"

Where : Tintesmuehle

This tour kicks off right at Europe’s heart. The car park at the...

sentier des passeurs troisvierges 2

Circular walk "Sentier des Passeurs"

Where : Troisvierges

The Smugglers Trail illustrates the border realities in the border region: the...

dsc 1326

Circular walk Binsfeld

Where : Binsfeld

Start: car park near the church in Binsfeld We go past the rural museum and...

randonnees 22

Circular walk Boxhorn

Where : Boxhorn

Start: at the fire station in Boxhorn We go through the village and walk...

randonnees 3

Circular walk Breidfeld

Where : Breidfeld

Start: at the church of Breidfeld We walk through the fields located in the...

clervaux 11

Circular walk Clervaux

Where : Clervaux

Start. car park at the Princesse Maria Teresa square in Clervaux We go uphill...

randonnees 46

Circular walk Heinerscheid

Where : Heinerscheid

Start: at the town hall of Heinerscheid We go through the village, across some...

dsc 8047

Circular walk Holler

Where : Holler

Start: next to the former primary school in Holler We walk through the village...

randonnees 32

Circular walk Roder

Where : Roder-Clervaux

Start: car park at the chapel in Roder Via fields and forests, we go downhill...

dsc 4353

Circular walk Troisvierges I

Where : Troisvierges

Start: at the town hall of Troisvierges The route crosses fields, meadows and...

troisvierges 1

Circular walk Troisvierges II

Where : Troisvierges

Start: at the train station in Troisvierges We follow the railway line to the...

dsc 1080

Circular walk Weiswampach I

Where : Weiswampach

Start: road junction at the N7 (E420) in Weiswampach We go through fields into...

dsc 8005

Circular walk Weiswampach II

Where : Weiswampach

Start: road junction at the N7 (E420) in Weiswampach We go through the fields...

randonnees 46

European Stage Trail E2-GR5

Where : Lieler-Clervaux

The Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg has always been in the vanguard of European...

lac haute sure kaundorf

GR57 Vallée de l'Our - Gilsdorf

Where : Weiswampach

randonnees 40

Stage trail North

Where : Weiswampach

This stunning footpath passes through seven towns and villages and has the...

randonnees 3

Stage trail Our

Where : Weiswampach

This national footpath provides an opportunity to discover the Our Nature...

randonnees 40

Stage trail Panorama

Where : Troisvierges

This footpath linking Wiltz with Troisvierges shows off the Oesling plateau in...

balise saint jacques de compostelle cmjn

Stage trail St. Jacques-de-Compostelle

Where : Lieler-Clervaux

The 179 km-long Way of St James runs along Roman roads and watercourses where...