Circular walk "NaturWanderPark delux: Nat'Our Route 4"

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Circular walk "NaturWanderPark delux: Nat'Our Route 4"

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Besides magnificent nature, this tour offers plenty of manmade artefacts. Until the 1950s, the Our, only a small stream at that point, looped around the village of Bivels, which used to look very different. The Saint Nicolas Mountain still had a top, and there were no artificial lakes. The present-day landscape is testimony to one of Luxembourg’s most ambitious construction projects of the mid-20th century. Almost invisibly, the site now harbours one of Europe’s largest pumped-storage hydroelectric power plants. Far below our route, huge amounts of water surge between the lower reservoir on the Our and the upper reservoir on Saint Nicolas Mountain. Many old mining stories are told by the copper mine in Stolzemburg. Even older is the history of Falkenstein Castle, of which the residential house and some ruins still stand today (in private ownership). Besides technical wonders, this tours offers some of the loveliest postcard motives far and wide.

Both trails are closed due to work on the way in the area below Falkenstein until further notice.

As an alternative on the Luxembourgish side, a combination of both routes with the Ourdall Promenade (black) is possible (18.6 km).



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Distance : 17 Km
Time : 04:30 h
Difficulty : Difficult


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Walking Certificate – Premium Trail

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