Circular walk "NaturWanderPark delux: Nat'Our Route 1"

Type : NaturWanderPark Delux

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Distance : 13 Km
Time : 03:00 h
Difficulty : Easy


Walking Certificate – Premium Trail

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Circular walk "NaturWanderPark delux: Nat'Our Route 1"

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This tour kicks off right at Europe’s heart. The car park at the European Monument contains a large stone block corresponding to each of the six founding countries of the European Community. Towards the south, the Our Valley quickly narrows and gets progressively steeper and more rugged. Here the river has carved its course deep into the Rhenish Massif. The Our used to contain thousands of freshwater pearl mussels. To help the population of these endangered molluscs recover, there is a breeding station at the Kalborn Mill (Kalborner Mühle). After a brief but steep climb, you reach the Königslei lookout point, from which you can enjoy a fantastic view over the treetops. The stream winds its way merrily through the landscape. Dragonflies dart in the sunlight, and brook trout glisten in the crystal-clear water. Stands of rare riparian forest flank the shores. These are some of Europe’s most vital habitats, in which kingfishers and herons hunt their prey. If you’re lucky you may even spot a black stork.


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