Natural sites in the surrounding area of Auto-pédestre trail Echternach Lac


Auto-pédestre trail Echternach Lac

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In the surrounding area

Amphitheater "Breechkaul"

Where : Berdorf

The „Amphitheater Breechkaul“ was erected in 1979 in a place,...

amphitheater breechkaul berdorf

Rock formation "Perekop"

Where : Berdorf

"Perekop" is one of the most visited rock giants on the road between...

rock formation perekop

Rock formation "Priedegtstull"

Where : Berdorf

The "Priedegtstull“ (the Pulpit) near the CR364 is an original...

predigtstuhl (the pulpit) berdorf

Rock formation "Raiberhiel"

Where : Berdorf

"Raiberhiehl" (The Thieves’ Den) is situated on the local path...

raiberhiel 1