Restaurants in the surrounding area of Circular walk "Auto-Pédestre Abweiler"


Circular walk "Auto-Pédestre Abweiler"

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In the surrounding area


Where : Luxembourg City

Barrels is an international restaurant as well as a wine & tapas bar in...

barrels tbone

Brasserie du Cercle

Where : Luxembourg City

The Brasserie du Cercle is located in the heart of the city center at the...

brasserie du cercle 7

Brasserie Guillaume

Where : Luxembourg City

Brasserie Guillaume is a friendly and relaxed space where you can enjoy a...

mg 0760

Chocolate House

Where : Luxembourg City

The Cocolate House is situated in front of the Grand Ducal Palace. So take...

chocolate house luxembourg

Escher Bamhauscafé

Where : Esch-sur-Alzette

The animal park ‘Escher Déierepark’ - a paradise for...

007 esch funny houses 1

Gielen Eck

Where : Luxembourg City

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Where : Luxembourg City

Located in Limpertsberg, with easy access and Parking du Glacis right across...

hitch internet

L'Altra Osteria Club Tennis

Where : Luxembourg City

A stone’s throw from the city centre, set in delightful green...

img 9457

Le Café de Paris

Where : Luxembourg City

Le Café de Paris serves tasty cuisine with a menu based on seasonal...


Le Grand Café

Where : Luxembourg City

Located in the city center of Luxembourg, on the famous place d’Armes,...

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Patisserie-Traiteur Oberweis

Where : Luxembourg City

True virtuoso of sweet and savory delights the Oberweis brothers carry on with...

oberweis1 copy

Restaurant Am Tiirmschen

Where : Luxembourg City

The address 32 rue de l’eau, is a historical classed medieval...

am tiirmschen luxembourg 01

Restaurant Amelys

Where : Luxembourg City

Restaurant Amelys is THE place to be in the city center of...

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Restaurant Brauerei - Big Beer Company

Where : Luxembourg City

In this new restaurant you will find all the elements of Munich’s famous...

dsc 0108

Restaurant Clairefontaine

Where : Luxembourg City

le clairefontaine

Restaurant Kamakura

Where : Luxembourg City

The first Japanese restaurant in Luxembourg managed by Hajime Miyamae...

img 4966

Restaurant L'Osteria

Where : Luxembourg City

L’Osteria is renowned for its original, innovative menu. Our chef...

mg 9400

Restaurant La Boucherie

Where : Luxembourg City

The Boucherie restaurant offers a wide selection of grilled meats for which it...


Restaurant La Cristallerie

Where : Luxembourg City

At La Cristallerie, one Michelin star, the Chef Fabrice Salvador suggests...

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Restaurant La Pomme Cannelle

Where : Luxembourg City

With a passion for fresh ingredients and true European gastronomy, La Pomme...

pomme cannelle restaurant 2018 luxembourg

Restaurant Léa Linster

Where : Frisange

At the Restaurant Léa Linster you can expect gastronomic culture and...

lea louis 2

Restaurant Parc Merveilleux de Bettembourg

Where : Bettembourg

A nice restaurant with covered terrace and self-service are awaiting you. One...

parc merveilleux restaurant 2012 bettembourg

Restaurant Um Plateau

Where : Luxembourg City

Enjoy the « cosy » atmosphere and the smart and intimate...

livre luxembourg img 3569 29052018

Restaurant-Brasserie Um Dierfgen

Where : Luxembourg City

In a delightfully quaint setting pervaded by a warm atmosphere, regulars...

um dierfgen

Restaurant-Rôtisserie Plëss

Where : Luxembourg City

Enjoy the brand new Plëss Rôtisserie and its elegant atmosphere...

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Ristorante Fani

Where : Roeser

The recipes of our dishes? Three main ingredients appear there above all: the...

dsc05384 light

Ristorante Mosconi

Where : Luxembourg City


Brasserie Aubergine

Where: Luxembourg City

1, avenue Pescatore (12, rue des Bains)

L-1212 Luxembourg City

T. +352 26 20 20 24

Brasserie K116

Where: Esch-sur-Alzette

116, rue de Luxembourg

L-4221 Esch-sur-Alzette

T. +352 26 17 59 74

Brasserie Luxembourgeoise

Where: Mondercange

rue de Limpach

L-3932 Mondercange

T. +352 37 90 01


Where: Luxembourg City

41, rue Notre-Dame

L-2240 Luxembourg City

T. +352 26 27 02 79

De la Place

Where: Kayl

4, rue de Tétange

L-3672 Kayl

T. +352 26 56 15 55

Dolce & Piccante

Where: Kayl

30, rue de l'église

L-3636 Kayl

T. +352 26 56 16 17


Where: Luxembourg City

18, place Guillaume II

L-1648 Luxembourg City

T. +352 26 86 86 1

Le Perroquet

Where: Rumelange

56, Grand-Rue

L-3730 Rumelange

T. +352 56 76 43

Restaurant Acacia

Where: Esch-sur-Alzette

10, rue de la Libération

L-4005 Esch-sur-Alzette

T. +352 54 10 61

Restaurant Ai Due Ghiottini

Where: Mondercange

17, route d'Esch

L-3920 Mondercange

T. +352 57 34 45

Restaurant Alla Fornace

Where: Esch-sur-Alzette

14, rue du Brill

L-4041 Esch-sur-Alzette

T. +352 54 02 70

Restaurant Allegro

Where: Esch-sur-Alzette

60A, Rue du Brill

L-4042 Esch-sur-Alzette

T. +352 54 73 83 484

Restaurant Am Brill

Where: Foetz

111, rue de l'Avenir

L-3895 Foetz

T. +352 55 62 17

Restaurant Amarcord

Where: Dudelange

1A, Rue du Centenaire

L-3475 Dudelange

T. +352 26 51 23 18

Restaurant An der Eech

Where: Leudelange

4, rue Eich

L-3352 Leudelange

T. +352 26 37 08 06

Restaurant Andini

Where: Bettembourg

12, rue de la Gare

L-3236 Bettembourg

T. +352 26 52 16 23

Restaurant Anmol

Where: Dudelange

15, rue du Commerce

L-3450 Dudelange

Restaurant Annapurna 2

Where: Foetz

15A, rue du Brill

L-3898 Foetz

T. +352 26 64 99 49

Restaurant Arena

Where: Frisange

2, Route de Luxembourg

L-5752 Frisange

T. +352 26 67 28 32

Restaurant Aux Charmes de Provence

Where: Esch-sur-Alzette

25, rue du Brill

L-4041 Esch-sur-Alzette

T. +352 26 53 26 54

Restaurant Bairrada

Where: Esch-sur-Alzette

62, Boulevard J-F Kennedy

L-4170 Esch-sur-Alzette

T. +352 54 12 35

Restaurant Beim Bernard

Where: Esch-sur-Alzette

9, rue du Commerce

L-4067 Esch-sur-Alzette

T. +352 26 53 00 82

Restaurant Beim Dante

Where: Rumelange

61, rue Des Martyrs

L-3739 Rumelange

T. +352 26 56 02 45