De roude Wee

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Useful information

Distance : 6.9 Km
Difficulty : Easy


Burmerange - De roude Wee

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Passing the Maus-Ketti statue, you'll reach the Éidengerwee, a meadow landscape, where used to be an ancient settlement. In the 16th century, that one disappeared due to the pest and and raids of the French army. Along the Mondorfer street you'll pass the Voulsheed, where until the 1960s vines were growing. Then the tour guides down to the Prélingerbach, which flows into the larger Albach (Gander). Over meadows and fields you'll reach the French border, where you can enjoy a view into the Minette region. Through the picturesque Déibich, the largest former Bürmeringer wine-growing region, you return to Burmerange.


14, Rue Auguste Liesch
L-5675 Burmerange
Tel.: +352 26 74 78 74

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