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03: Luxembourg - Bourglinster

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Youth Hostels in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has a network of 9 fully furnished youth hostels. This budget accommodation is located either in new or in thoroughly renovated buildings. Modern, spacious and fully equipped, these hostels offer quality and high levels of comfort. They are also ideal to accommodate large groups for cheap in Luxembourg. With the quality of their modern facilities and amenities housed within their premises, Luxembourg’s many youth hostels are able to host guests of all ages.

Description of the trail

Starting at the youth hostel, we leave the city of Luxembourg through the idyllic suburb Pfaffenthal. From the railway station Dommeldange (marking changes) we follow the "Mëllerdall path" through the Grunewald until Bourglinster. The first part of this path follows an old Roman road and leads onto the cross of the dead woman and the 6 princesses. Below the "Stafelter", the trail crosses the main road and leads us to the source of the white Ernz over to the cave of the hermit "Schetzel". We continue our hiking tour through the forest of the Grand Duke until Eisenborn, where we go eastwards to reach the castle of Bourglinster. The charming youth hostel, a historical monument, located in the heart of the village is only a few steps away from the castle.


2, rue du Fort Olisy
L-2261 Luxembourg City
Tel.: +352 26 27 66 650

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