MTB trail Goesdorf

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Useful information

Distance : 36 Km
Altitude : 945 m
Duration : 03:50
Difficulty : Difficult


MTB trail Goesdorf

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MTB trail Goesdorf

Start: Townhall Goesdorf

This route leads you to the antimony mine in Goesdorf, which is a 2.5 km geological path „Op der Spur vum Antimon“, set with panels providing information about the region, different aspects of its geology and on the exploitation of antimony.

From the starting point, you ride along the church and go left onto a tarmac road which leads into the forest. On the C.R. 361 you can enjoy a wonderful view over the valley of the river Sûre. Keep right after the steps where you have to get off your bicycle. From here you go down to the antimony mine before being faced with a very stiff climb to Goesdorf. After the town hall you turn left to take the C.R. 321. Then enter to the left into the forest direction Büderscheid. Arriving there, you take 500 meters towards Wiltz and then turn right twice onto a tarmac path to enter the forest. Follow the C.R. 321, which leads to Nocher, and turn left at the water tower, left again to join the C.R. 321. A very narrow path leads into the forest. You ride along the Nacherbaach river, passing in front of the water purification plant, and return to Nocher. Cross Dahl and pass in front of of the purification plant. Then cross the valley towards Bockholtz and in front of the church you turn left to Toodlermillen. You follow the river Sûre upstream, and a little further on, cross the C.R. 311 back to the starting point.


Op der Driicht
L-9653 Goesdorf
Tel.: +352 26 95 05 66
Fax: +352 26 95 05 66 66

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