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In the surrounding area

Caves Beissel-Felten

Where : Bous

Biological vine growing.

beissel felten

Caves Gales

Where : Ellange

This estate has established itself as a major producer of Crémant and...


Caves J. Leuck-Thull

Where : Ehnen

Pol Leuck has opened a beautiful wine bar on the family estate in Lenningen in...

leuck thull

Caves Kox-Plyta

Where : Remich

The estate produces wines that are accurate, accessible to a large audience,...

kox plyta 600x402

Caves Krier Frères

Where : Remich

As vintners and wine merchants since 4 generations in the valley of the...

krier freres vins

Caves Legill Paul

Where : Schengen

Paul Legill produces aromatic, variety-weighted and pure wines with his grapes...

paul legill

Caves René Bentz

Where : Wellenstein

The aromatic concentrated wines of René Bentz are very ripe and shaped...

rene bentz

Caves St Martin

Where : Remich

Caves St Martin: underground wine paradise If you are following...


Domaine Claude Bentz

Where : Remich

Locality/Terroir: Gottesgôf, Naumberg, Letscheberg, Roetschelt,...


Domaine Henri Ruppert

Where : Schengen

Henri Ruppert relies on consistent quality with low yields and rigorous...

henri ruppert domaine

Domaine KEYSER-KOHLL by Kohll-Reuland

Where : Ehnen

The Domaine KEYSER-KOHLL by Kohll-Reuland is located in Ehnen and currently...

kohll reuland

Domaine Le Vignoble

Where : Schwebsange

le vignoble

Domaine Mathes

Where : Wormeldange

domaine mathes 600x450

Domaine Schram

Where : Bech-Kleinmacher

The " Domaine Schram " winery is located in the middle of the...

stu 2095

Domaine Sunnen-Hoffmann

Where : Remerschen

sunnen hoffmann

Domaine viticole A. Golden & Fils

Where : Wellenstein

a gloden et fils 600x450

Domaine viticole Alice Hartmann

Where : Wormeldange


Domaine Viticole Cep D’or

Where : Hëttermillen

On the steep, sun drenched slopes of the valley where the river Moselle has...

jean marie cep dor

Domaine Viticole Charles Decker

Where : Remerschen

placeholder winemakers

Domaine Viticole Fränk Kayl

Where : Remerschen

Fränk Kayl, a young winemaker deals his domain since just a few years and...


Domaine Viticole Häremillen

Where : Ehnen

Only by appointment

domaine viticole haeremillen

Domaine Viticole Jean Linden-Heinisch

Where : Ehnen

Only by appointment


Domaine Viticole Kohll-Leuck

Where : Ehnen

The Vineyards The management of vineyards requires special attention as the...

kohll leuck

Domaine Viticole Krier-Bisenius

Where : Bech-Kleinmacher

Only by appointment

placeholder winemakers

Domaine Viticole Krier-Welbes

Where : Ellange

Visit: UPON REQUEST Vineyards in the municipalities of Schengen and...


Domaine viticole Laurent et Rita Kox

Where : Remich


kox 19 400x600

Domaine viticole Lethal

Where : Wormeldange

img 9329 small 400x600

Domaine Viticole Stronck-Pinnel

Where : Greiveldange

Only by appointment

stronck pinnel

Domaines Vinsmoselle - Caves de Wormeldange

Where : Wormeldange

Caves Crémants Poll-Fabaire: a prestigious winery The winery is a...

wormeldange 204 small 600x403

Domaines Vinsmoselle - Caves du Sud

Where : Remerschen

Caves du Sud: exploring Luxembourg’s wine culture The winegrowers’...

ivv caves du sud remerschen

Domaines Vinsmoselle Caves de Wellenstein

Where : Wellenstein

Founded in 1930, they today represent the largest site of Domaines...

wellenstein 203 small 600x450

Le Domaine Desom

Where : Remich

domaine desom 600x400

Les caves Desom

Where : Remich

The Domaine Desom located in Remich, close to the bank of the Moselle, enjoy...

caves desom 600x391

Vins Purs Pundel

Where : Wormeldange

placeholder winemakers

Viticulteur Benoît Kox

Where : Remich

Benoît Kox provides tasty and balanced white wines from the Primerberg...

benoit kox 400x600