Luxembourg City Film Festival

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Luxembourg City Film Festival

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The Festival aims to be a platform for discovering films made in/with Luxembourg, offering feature and short films, documentaries and fiction together with one-off events. Throughout the festival, alongside the screenings, audiences can meet the most important figures in the industry.

About 130 different film productions take part in the official contest. Luxembourg’s film festival showcases the best of international films. An international jury will also scrutinise films and documentaries produced in Luxembourg. The festival targets a young audience. Actors, directors and producers will participate in workshops, screenings and debates. The festival also hosts European and world premieres. Luxembourg’s film festival is not only limited to the cinema, but it will pop up in the urban environment, with exhibitions or public talks. In the presence of national and international media, 6 awards will be given out to those films, which have won over the jury. Luxembourg itself is also the setting and backdrop of many international productions.

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Begin : 04-03-2021

End : 14-03-2021

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11b, Place du Théâtre
L-2613 Luxembourg City
Tel.: +352 47 08 95 1

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