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Emaischen Nospelt

Traditional folk festival on Easter Monday.

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The “Emaischen” is a traditional folk festival in Luxembourg, which is celebrated in the village Nospelt and Luxembourg-City. Since 1957, the “Emaischen” takes place every year on the Easter Weekend in Nospelt, the highlight being the market on Easter Monday. The stars of the “Emaischen” are the “Péckvillercher”, little bird-shaped whistles made out of clay. The charming birds come in different shapes and sizes and are especially popular among children and collectors. In Nospelt, the visitors have the rare opportunity to watch the potters at work. Beside handmade "Péckvillercher" and stands with a variety of pottery goods, they can also look forward to various concerts, workshops and exhibitions. The two museums of the village (the pottery museum and the archeological museum) are of course open during the event.

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