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Ristorante Fani

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The recipes of our dishes? Three main ingredients appear there above all: the Knowledge, the Passion and the Beauty.

The Knowledge will be expressed by sincere love for the cooking. You will need somebody who spent a part of its life to travel, to study, to try and to taste, and who knows how to choose accurately the quantity and the good ingredients. Somebody who will be capable of questioning a dish and who will start all over again to create a nuance which you will never have noticed.

The Passion will be expressed by somebody who will be capable of giving up the convenience, who will work by respecting the time of the materials, who will not be tempted by easy shortcuts, guard of procedures and techniques.

Beauty will be made by an imagination with a esthetic value to give color and form to the dishes . Be capable of passing on feelings through their outside appearance, here is the beauty of a successful dish.

Roberto Fani looks conscientiously for raw materials, watches with love and rigor over every stage of the culinary process and waits for you with a smile to make you discover his dishes.
His currency? Feed on creativity, on novelty, without ever forgetting from where we come ...




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Opening hours

Opening hours
  A.M P.M
Monday - -
Tuesday 12h00 - 14h3019h00 - 22h00
Wednesday 12h00 - 14h3019h00 - 22h00
Thursday 12h00 - 14h3019h00 - 22h00
Friday 12h00 - 14h3019h00 - 22h00
Saturday 12h00 - 14h3019h00 - 22h00
Sunday - -


40 seats in the restaurant
20 terrace places
Cuisine : italian


From 36.00 € to 85.00 €


  • Private parking
  • Terrace
  • Disabled access


  • Menu of the day
  • Credit cards accepted
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51, Grand Rue
L-3394 Roeser
Tel.: +352 26 65 06 60

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