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The Family of Man

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In the surrounding area

An Theis - Majerus

Where : Enscherange

Comfortable farm lodging for 6 persons in charming Ardennes village in the...

mg 0004

Bungalowpark "Domaine La Sapinière"

Where : Wahlhausen

Holiday park with indoor pool and wellness, is just a small part of our...

img 8228

Centre écologique et touristique Parc Housen

Where : Hosingen

The "Centre écologique et touristique" is located in the...

centre ecologique et touristique parc housen

Knubben Peter (45m2)

Where : Wilwerwiltz

2 comfortable and fully-equipped holiday apartments incl. microwave and...

knubben peter 45 wilwerwiltz

Knubben Peter (60m2)

Where : Wilwerwiltz

Comfortable and fully-equipped holiday apartment incl. microwave and satellite...

knubben peter 60 wilwerwiltz

Majerus Juliette

Where : Boevange-Wincrange

Quiet apartment in the heart of the countryside. Fine view of the surrounding...

majerus juliette boevange wincrange


Where : Enscherange

Since 1824, the creaky mill work of the Rackésmillen in Enscherange has...

rackesmillen enscherange


Where : Munshausen

Our farm "Sammeshaff", a group accommodation built in 2000, provides...

dsc 5173

St. Hubert

Where : Munshausen

The old school, situated in the heart of the village and next to the Gothic...

img 5484

Syndicat pour la Défense des Intérêts Locaux

Where : Binsfeld

Our tastefully restored farmhouse, ideally located in the centre of the...

syn binsfeld 001

Centre Communal et Touristique "an der Gaessen"

Where: Eschweiler

25, Duerfstrooss

L-9651 Eschweiler

T. +352 26 95 43 06