Vacation Rentals in the surrounding area of Museum of the Poststation and Writing Museum


Museum of the Poststation and Writing Museum

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In the surrounding area


Where : Munshausen

Our farm "Sammeshaff", a group accommodation built in 2000, provides...

dsc 4922

St. Hubert

Where : Munshausen

The old school, situated in the heart of the village and next to the Gothic...

dsc 4922

Syndicat pour la Défense des Intérêts Locaux

Where : Binsfeld

Our tastefully restored farmhouse, ideally located in the centre of the...

syn binsfeld 001

Barteshaus (340m2)

Where: Hoffelt

29, Am Huälleweeg

L-9960 Hoffelt

T. +352 20 20 34 26

Les Bouleaux

Where: Boevange-Wincrange

41, Om Knupp

L-9740 Boevange-Wincrange

T. +352 691 949 471