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National Brewery Museum and Tannery Museum

This museum is inside the former stable of the castle of Wiltz, and gives an idea of the brewing tradition. Part of the museum gives an insight into the history of tanning. Audioguides available (F, NL, F, GB)

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National Brewery Museum and Tannery Museum

Beer connoisseurs will love the museum that is housed in the former stables of Wiltz Castle, along with a microbrewery. The museum gives an insight into the different stages of beer-making – from mashing the grain to brewing, fermentation and finally storage. You can learn the art of beer-making for yourself on a master brewer’s course. And of course, you’ll be able to try your own brew on the spot. You can also raise a glass in style at the historic Jhang Primus inn, an authentic tavern with charming Belle Époque décor. One section of the museum is devoted to the history of the tanning industry.

Guided tour of the Wiltz Castle and the National Museum of the Art of Brewing (with beer tasting) on request. 

Entrance price:

• Adults with audio-guide and tasting: €6.50
• Youth aged under 21 and students: free
• Price for a guide: €70-85 – duration 1 hour - 1,5 hour

National Brewery Museum and Tannery Museum

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