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Matchbox Museum

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Matchbox Museum

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Since 1980, Jean Birsens has been collecting MATCHBOX Cars. The collection includes around 7.500 models from 1947-1986 with mainly British brands like Early Lesney, Regular Wheels, Models of Yesteryear, Major Packs, King, Accessory Packs, etc. Also ancient tin cars for children, mopeds and motorcycles can be seen.

Jean’s wife Meg has been a passionate collector since 1995 and counts almost 1.600 cans and tins from the years 1886-1950. Meg also has a predilection for British products, so-called "Figural Biscuit Tins" from Huntley & Palmers, Peak Frean, William Crawford, Olibet. Even coffee tins of Santos, Jacobs, Stollwerck and Banania and antique Barbie dolls are exposed.

You can visit the museum only after fixing an appointment with the owners.

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5, Enneschtduerf
L-6560 Hinkel
Tel.: +352 621 181 115

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