Museums in the surrounding area of Blast Furnace Belval


Blast Furnace Belval

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In the surrounding area

Blast Furnace Belval

Where : Esch-sur-Alzette

The remains of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg’s last two blast furnaces...

hauts fourneaux belval 04

Espace Muséologique de Lasauvage

Where : Lasauvage

The "Espace Muséologique" in Lasauvage is entirely dedicated...

espace museologique lasauva entente touristique du sud lft

Eugène Pesch Museum Lasauvage

Where : Lasauvage

Ready to rock? This extraordinary collection of fossils and minerals is the...

 eugene pesch museum lasauvage inside

House of culture and history "A Gadder"

Where : Belvaux

Cultural and Historical House "A Gadder".

house of culture and history a gadder belvaux outside

Le Fonds Belval - "Massenoire" building

Where : Esch-sur-Alzette

City of Science and Blast furnaces in Belval Esch-sur-Alzette In 1911, the...

 le fonds belval massenoir building inside

Luxembourg Science Center

Where : Differdange

The Luxembourg Science Center is an amazing science and technology discovery...

luxembourg science centre 04

Mine Grôven

Where : Differdange

Visit Differdange’s historic mine A true piece of Differdange’s...

mine groven1 claude piscitelli

Minett Park - Industry, Nature and Railwaypark

Where : Differdange

It is surely hard to believe that this quiet green valley where the...

industry and railwaypark fond de gras inside

Museum of the Cockerill Mine at Ellergronn

Where : Esch-sur-Alzette

The mine Cockerill d’Esch-sur-Alzette played a major role in...


National Mining Museum

Where : Rumelange

The collection in the national mining museum consists of tools, machines,...

national mining museum rumelange inside 17

National Resistance Museum

Where : Esch-sur-Alzette

This museum traces the struggle by the Luxembourgers to preserve their freedom...

national museum of the resistance esch sur alzette inside