Battle of the Bulge Museum 1944-1945

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Battle of the Bulge Museum 1944-1945

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The museum is dedicated principally to terrifying experience of the Battle of the Bulge, fought between 16th December 1944 and 21st January 1945, the date when Wiltz was finally liberated.

Photos bring to life the heroism of soldiers and civilians that contributed to the final liberation of the Grand Duchy and the northern Oesling region. As well, extra insight is given by the documents, paintings, uniforms, and military hardware on display.

Explaining the suffering of combatants and local residents was the key goal of the museum’s curators.  Extensive loss of life and property were inevitable in this brutal fight for freedom.  Models are used highlight some of the key phases of the war as they affected Wiltz: the Battle of the Bulge; the period before conscription was introduced from 31st August 1942; the strike and martydom of six local citizens; the liberation on 10th September 1944; GIs meeting Wiltz residents; St Nicholas day with GIs; the start of the Battle of Bulge (including the 28th Infantry Division preparing for combat and the adversaries around Schumann’s Eck; the end of the battle on 21 January 1945, the promise taken by the priest and inhabitants in the cellar of the priest’s house. Together, the exhibits explain to visitors why Wiltz is called a “Martyred City”.

Entrance price:

  • Adults with audio-guide and tasting: €6.50
  • Youth aged under 21 and students: free
  • Price for a guide: €70-85 – duration 1 hour - 1,5 hour

Special opening hours:

31.05.2020 - 01.06.2020: 1 PM to 5 PM

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From July to August, every day from 9 AM to 6 PM. For groups of 10 or more: open on request. For more information and to reserve guided tours please contact either the tourist office under: +352 95 74 44 or e-mail: or: mobile +352 691 811 260 or e-mail: An audio-guide in four languages is available.


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