"Wormer Koeppchen"

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"Wormer Koeppchen"

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The "Koeppchen" is probably the best known vineyard in the region. It is dominated by the chapel built in 1925 in honor of Saint Donatus, patron saint of the vineyards of Wormeldange and weather saint against lightning, thunder, hailstone, storm and fire.

From this vantage point you have an incomparable view over the whole village. With an inclination of more than 45 degrees, a shell limestone soil and partly perfect south-west orientation, the vines get a lot of sunshine here, ideal conditions for the Riesling.

Every year on the 1st Sunday in July, a procession takes place to the Koeppchen.

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L-5482 Wormeldange
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Fax: +352 76 84 92

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