Restaurants in the surrounding area of Wenzel Circular Walk

In the surrounding area

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Brasserie des Arquebusiers

Where : Luxembourg City

Our Brasserie des Arquebusiers - or simpler : Chez Vincent can be...

brasserie du cercle 7

Brasserie du Cercle

Where : Luxembourg City

The "Brasserie du Cercle" is located in the heart of the city center...

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Brasserie Guillaume

Where : Luxembourg City

Brasserie Guillaume is a friendly and relaxed space where you can enjoy a...

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Brasserie Mansfeld

Where : Luxembourg City

Brasserie Mansfeld is a building listed on historic Luxembourg’s...

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Brasserie Siegfried Von Westeschgaart

Where : Luxembourg City

Brasserie Siegfried is an authentic Luxembourgish brasserie. The kitchen...

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Brasserie-Restaurant Kennedy

Where : Luxembourg City

Ideally located in the centre of the Kirchberg business district, the Kennedy...



Where : Luxembourg City

New season, new menu and new formula at ca(fé)sino :...

chocolate house luxembourg

Chocolate House

Where : Luxembourg City

The Cocolate House is situated in front of the Grand Ducal Palace. So take...

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Gielen Eck

Where : Luxembourg City

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L'Altra Osteria Club Tennis

Where : Luxembourg City

A stone’s throw from the city centre, set in delightful green...


Le Café de Paris

Where : Luxembourg City

Le Café de Paris serves tasty cuisine with a menu based on seasonal...

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Le Grand Café

Where : Luxembourg City

Located in the city center of Luxembourg, on the famous place d’Armes,...


Memphis Coffee

Where : Luxembourg City

At Memphis Coffee you dive into the cultural world of the US 50s. Music from...

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Mudam Café

Where : Luxembourg City

The Mudam Café, arranged by the French designers Ronan and Erwan...

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Patisserie-Traiteur Oberweis

Where : Luxembourg City

True virtuoso of sweet and savory delights the Oberweis brothers carry on with...

am tiirmschen b 2015 lux

Restaurant Am Tiirmschen

Where : Luxembourg City

The address 32 rue de l’eau, is a historical classed medieval...

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Restaurant Amelys

Where : Luxembourg City

Restaurant Amelys is THE place to be in the city center of...

Restaurant An der Eech

Where: Leudelange

4, rue Eich

L-3352 Leudelange

T. +352 26 37 08 06

Restaurant Bar Waldhaff

Where: Waldhaff

Route d'Echternach

L-2712 Waldhaff

T. +352 42 71 70

Restaurant Beim Stadthaus

Where: Schifflange

12, avenue de la Liberté

L-3850 Schifflange

T. +352 54 54 57

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Restaurant Brauerei - Big Beer Company

Where : Luxembourg City

In this new restaurant you will find all the elements of Munich’s famous...

brideler stuff 2013

Restaurant Brideler Stuff

Where : Bridel

Only 7 km from city center. Large summer terrace. Air-conditioned banqueting...

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Restaurant Centser Roud Haus

Where : Luxembourg City

Restaurant Chez Florentin

Where: Bettembourg

166, route de Luxembourg

L-3254 Bettembourg

T. +352 51 51 81

Restaurant Chez Pascal

Where: Hostert

90, rue Andethana

L-6970 Hostert

T. +352 34 00 39

le clairefontaine

Restaurant Clairefontaine

Where : Luxembourg City

Restaurant De Spackelter

Where: Leudelange

2, Rue de Luxembourg

L-3360 Leudelange

T. +352 26 37 08 37

divino photo 23630 005 redactionnel divino

Restaurant Divino

Where : Luxembourg City

Located within the wine store VINISSIMO, "DIVINO" offers a new...

Restaurant Espaces Réunions

Where: Leudelange

3, Z.A. Poudrerie

L-3364 Leudelange

T. +352 37 80 67

Restaurant Fleurs de Jasmin

Where: Livange

17, rue de Bettembourg

L-3378 Livange

T. +352 26 51 05 98

Restaurant He Ping

Where: Bettembourg

165, Route de Luxembourg

L-3254 Bettembourg

T. +352 26 52 32 88

Restaurant Hostellerie Stafelter

Where: Walferdange

1, rue de Dommeldange

L-7222 Walferdange

T. +352 20 33 97

Restaurant IL Cherubino

Where: Livange

rue de Turi

L-3378 Livange

T. +352 47 17 94

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Restaurant Kamakura

Where : Luxembourg City

The first Japanese restaurant in Luxembourg managed by Hajime Miyamae...

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Restaurant Kin Khao

Where : Luxembourg City

In the literal translation, Kin means eating and Khao means Rice, which is the...

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Restaurant L'Osteria

Where : Luxembourg City

L’Osteria is renowned for its original, innovative menu. Our chef...


Restaurant La Boucherie

Where : Luxembourg City

The Boucherie restaurant offers a wide selection of grilled meats for which it...

Restaurant la Charrue d'Or

Where: Peppange

1, rue de la Montagne

L-3391 Peppange

T. +352 51 70 67

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Restaurant La Cristallerie

Where : Luxembourg City

At La Cristallerie, one Michelin star, the Chef Fabrice Salvador suggests...

Restaurant La Formica

Where: Schifflange

29, Avenue de la Liberté

L-3850 Schifflange

T. +352 53 25 45

pomme cannelle restaurant 2018 luxembourg

Restaurant La Pomme Cannelle

Where : Luxembourg City

With a passion for fresh ingredients and true European gastronomy, La Pomme...

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Restaurant La Veranda

Where : Luxembourg City

The PARC HOTEL invites you to discover the pleasures of a traditional cuisine...

Restaurant Melograno

Where: Bettembourg

36, rue de Bettembourg

L-3326 Bettembourg

T. +352 24 83 69 83

Restaurant New Shanghai

Where: Wilwerdange

2, Am Duerf

L-9776 Wilwerdange

T. +352 62 12 91

Restaurant O Grand Restaurant

Where: Leudelange

1, Rue Jean Fischbach

L-3372 Leudelange

T. +352 26 37 41 37

Restaurant Re'serstuff

Where: Roeser

32, Grand-Rue

L-3394 Roeser

T. +352 36 90 67 1

sieweburen luxembourg09

Restaurant Sieweburen

Where : Luxembourg City

Luxembourgish cuisine and specialities acoording to the seasons. Quiet...

restaurant tempo

Restaurant Tempo Bar où Manger

Where : Luxembourg City

“Bar où manger”, behind the Philharmonie, proposes you a...

Restaurant Turi

Where: Livange

rue de Turi

L-3378 Livange

T. +352 26 56 84 64

um plateau

Restaurant Um Plateau

Where : Luxembourg City

Enjoy the « cosy » atmosphere and the smart and intimate...