Benedictine Abbey Clervaux

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Benedictine Abbey Clervaux

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Welcome to a spiritual retreat (men: 20 rooms in the abbey, women: in mixed groups in lodgings). Shop selling sacred art and souvenir library.

Guided tour of Clervaux - The city - the church - the Abbey and the Castle.

In the heart of the Éislek, the village of Clervaux is adorned with a 15th century castle, a Roman church and a large monastery of the Saint-Maurice and Saint-Maur Benedictines. The castle stands proudly on a rocky outcrop, surrounded in a horseshoe shape by the village’s houses. The picturesque quality and natural setting of the village in the valley of the Clerve river have made it a very popular location for visits. The old castle was wonderfully restored after its destruction in the second world war and is now a true witness of a prestigious past, showing interesting exhibitions, such as the remarkable collection of documentary artistic photos “The Family of Man”, by Edward Steichen.

Guided tour: 3 hours

Information and reservation:

Tourist Office Clervaux
4, Grand-Rue
L-9710 Clervaux
T +352 92 00 72


Guides Touristiques des Ardennes Luxembourgeoises
1A, rue du Vieux Marché
B.P. 41
L-9419 Vianden
T +352 26 87 49 87

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Abbaye Saint-Maurice
L-9737 Clervaux
Tel.: +352 92 10 27

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