Major events in the surrounding area of Weber-Posing Marie-Louise (68m2)


Weber-Posing Marie-Louise (68m2)

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In the surrounding area

Agricultural Fair

Where : Ettelbruck

The agricultural fair “Foire Agricole” in Ettelbruck, organized by...

agricultural fair ettelbruck 02

Carnival Parade Diekirch

Where : Diekirch

Carnival cavalcade with more than 60 floats and groups. Start of the parade:...

cavalcade dikkrech 05 esd

ING Eurocross & Eurotrail

Where : Diekirch

Eurocross is an annual international cross country running competition which...

ing eurocross & eurotrail diekirch

Marche Internationale de Diekirch

Where : Diekirch

2020 CANCELLED!   12, 20 or 40 km hike.

marche de l armee diekirch

Medieval Festival in Vianden

Where : Vianden

2020 CANCELLED!   The medieval festival is one of the annual highlights...

medieval festival vianden 05

Rock 'n' Classics

Where : Beaufort

"Rock 'n Classics" is the title of the new concert series, which...

Beaufort castle

Veiner Nëssmoort

Where : Vianden

2020 CANCELLED! Nutmarket The day before the Nutmarket, each association will...

ne ssmoort 03 claudine bosseler lft