Museums in the surrounding area of Famille SCHMALEN-STRONCK (115m2)


Famille SCHMALEN-STRONCK (115m2)

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In the surrounding area

Aquatower Berdorf

Where : Berdorf

Aquatower in Berdorf: the fascination of drinking water Water is...


Didactic Museum On The Life Of The Romans

Where : Echternach

Gallo-Roman Villa of Echternach The Roman villa of Echternach is one of...

l wort foto pierre matge villa romaine echternach

Museum of Prehistory "Hihof"

Where : Echternach

Hihof Prehistoric Museum: the development of mankind The Hihof Museum,...


Museum of the Abbey Echternach

Where : Echternach

Museum at the Abbey of Echternach In the Middle Ages, monks at the...