Major events in the surrounding area of Tudorsgeeschter



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In the surrounding area

e-Lake Festival

Where : Echternach

e-Lake the free entrance festival at Lake Echternach This is the open air...

e lake echternach 01

Hopping procession of Echternach

Where : Echternach

Echternach, already famous for its Benedictine abbey founded by St. Willibrord...

dancing procession of echternach

La Charly Gaul

Where : Echternach

La Charly Gaul is a Gran Fondo or cyclosport-race (brevet cyclosportif)...

la charly gaul 02

Leopard UTML Ultratrail Mullerthal

Where : Echternach

EDITIO 2020 CANCELLED   Trail running (and hiking) Luxembourg style If...

signalisation mullerthal trail

Mill Man Trail Echternach

Where : Echternach

POSTPONED TO 25.04.2021 DUE TO COVID-19 VIRUS   Mountainbike trail...

mill man trail echternach