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Nature farm – the name says it

On Christian Mathieu’s nature farm, you’ll meet rare creatures: Moorschnucken and Red Ardennes (sheep breeds) and Black Angus cattles. Farmer Christian and his wife Céline’s hearts beat for rare and endangered farm animals and of course, nature. As a result, they leave their meadows to the variety of flowers and grasses, which particularly pleases their bees. The chickens are being transported from one meadow to the next in a purpose-built chicken van – this protects the environment and pleases the chickens. Throughout the year, pupils can visit this small paradise.

From the meadow to the table!

Gourmets can try the delicious meat straight away: during the summer, a barbecue is served by the farmer Christian in the café of the Jardin de Wiltz after a short guided tour of the farm. At the same time, experience the magic of the artistic parks’ special atmosphere: plants, terraces, water, sculptures, paths and stone fields form an animate work of art while the tangy scent of fried Angus beef deludes you amidst a cosy space outdoors. What else does it take to be happy?

For whom?

Guided tours of the farm followed by a barbecue in the Jardin de Wiltz: suitable for all ages, non-vegetarians, gourmets and connoisseurs


Guided tours on the farm: on Christian Mathieu’s nature farm in Derenbach
Barbecue evenings: at Cooperations – Jardin de Wiltz
8, rue de la Montagne, L-9538 Wiltz
Tel.: +352 95 92 05 – 1

How much does it cost?

Guided farm tours: 5 € (for everyone older than 10 years), Barbecue: individual, according to hunger and thirst


Luxembourgish, German, French, English, Spanish

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