Liqueur of the castle Beaufort

liqueur of the castle beaufort


Liqueur of the castle Beaufort

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Our liqueurs are natural products without additives, it is advised to serve an keep them cold. Cassero is a liqueur of blackcurrents with high content of vitamin C. It may be taken unmixed as liqueur or mixed at your choice with cherry brandy, sodawater, white vine (Kir), champagne (Kir Royal), or hot water as grog. Cassero-Kirsch is a mix of Cassero with cherry brandy. La Framboise des Bois is a fine liqueur of woodraspberries, delicious in flavour. La Vieille Prune is a first-class plum-brandy.

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26, rue du Château
L-6313 Beaufort
Tel.: +352 621 27 95 06

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