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Ligue HMC coopérative s.c.

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  • Apples, pasteurised apple juice, freshly pressed apple juice, apple crisps
  • Pears, pear eau de vie
  • Strawberries, strawberry wine
  • Potatoes (Bintje, Corinne, Désirée, Nicola, Ukama)
  • Lettuces, various other vegetables
  • Fruit liqueurs
  • Home decor: iron, ceramics, textiles, upholstering chairs, bindery, etc.

Special features

The Ligue HMC operates various sheltered workshops for people with a mental disability, and these individuals produce and market high quality products with specialized members of staff. The cultivation of fruit and vegetables, as well as the handlign of these products, represents an importance of social and professional integration of disabled people.

More info:

  • Group and class visits are available on demand
  • Open days are organised several times throughout the year
  • Tasters are available in stores
  • Personalised gifts are also possible, e.g. baptism gifts

Points of sale:

  • Boutique Ligue HMC (82, route d’Arlon, Capellen), opening times: mon-fri 9h00 - 16h00
  • HMC Restaurant (75, route d’Arlon, Capellen), opening times: mon-fri 9h00 - 14h00
  • Markets: Ambiance & Jardins in Erpeldingen (May), traditional craft markets

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