Distillerie Max-Lahr et fils

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Distillerie Max-Lahr et fils

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"You need a lot of sensitivity to make a good noble brandy!"
(Robert Max, winegrower and winery owner)

Cherries, mirabelle plums, plums and apples grow on the winery grounds and are transformed into fine brandies in the in-house distillery. "We are the only winegrowers in Ahn who still produce fruit brandies," emphasises Robert Max. The distillery has always been an integral part of the winery and a very special hobby of the owner. Traditional experience and a creative sense of taste go into the composition of his brandies - a wonderful blend that you should try! The quality of Max-Lahr fine brandies not only inspires gourmets, it is also rewarded time and again with awards, e.g. the gold medal for the Max-Lahr Kirsch 2009, awarded by the Concours International des Eaux-de-Vie et Liqueurs de Fruits in Metz.

By the way: if you fancy a particularly noble spirit made in Luxembourg, let Robert Max seduce you with a glass of Vieux Marc. The marc spirit is matured in wooden barrels - and enjoys an excellent reputation as a speciality of the house!


6, rue des vignes
L-5401 Ahn
Tel.: +352 76 84 11
Fax: +352 26 74 72 44

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