Brasserie Béierhaascht

brasserie beierhaascht bascharage beer boiler
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Discover at the Béierhaascht a unique combining of modern age and tradition.

Bascharage is located between the Belgian and French borders of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

And it’s on 240, Luxembourg Avenue, that you will find under the same roof  a house brewery, a unique restaurant, a traditional butchery as well as a hotel built according to ecological standards and completely renovated in 2017.

During summer time, you'll have a blast at our unique terrasse.

Useful information

Opening hours

  A.M P.M
Mon  17h00 - 22h00
Tue 11h30 - 14h3018h00 - 22h30
Wed 11h30 - 14h3018h00 - 22h30
Thu 11h30 - 14h3018h00 - 22h30
Fri 11h30 - 14h3018h00 - 22h30
Sat 11h30 - 14h3018h00 - 22h30
Sun 11h30 - 14h30


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240, avenue de Luxembourg
L-4940 Bascharage
Tel.: +352 26 50 85 403
Fax: +352 26 50 85 99

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