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Boucherie Salaisons Meyer

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Since the opening of our first butchery in 1918, quality and taste have always been the Salaisons Meyer’s first priority. The production of our food is built on first class quality raw materials and a very long family experience. Over the decades, we have always remained true to traditional and craft pickling and smoking methods. Our products respond to the national and international hygiene and quality standards. Today we are the biggest ham producers in Luxembourg. Besides our ham, we also produce a great variety of other meat products. The whole selection of our products can be found and bought in our butchery.

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Opening hours

Opening hours
  A.M P.M
Monday 06h00 18h00
Tuesday 06h00 19h00
Wednesday 06h00 19h00
Thursday 06h00 19h00
Friday 06h00 19h00
Saturday 07h00 15h00
Sunday - -


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240, avenue de Luxembourg
L-4940 Bascharage
Tel.: +352 26 50 85 405
Fax: +352 50 42 71

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