Hiking in the surrounding area of BEO "Bauereninitiativ fir d‘Eislek an den Naturpark Our"


BEO "Bauereninitiativ fir d‘Eislek an den Naturpark Our"

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In the surrounding area

01 Station to station Troisvierges - Clervaux

Where : Troisvierges

Starting point: Troisvierges station

01 station to station troisvierges  maulusmuhle clervaux photo 5

Auto-pédestre trail station Troisvierges "A"

Where : Troisvierges

Discover variegated landscapes and transit the idyllic village Biwisch. The...

circular walk from station troisvierges a photo 3

Circular walk "NaturWanderPark delux: Nat'Our Route 1"

Where : Tintesmuehle

This tour kicks off right at Europe’s heart. The car park at the...

a 03 raymond clement

Circular walk "NaturWanderPark delux: Nat'Our Route 2"

Where : Dasbourg-Pont

Hiking this route is like travelling back in time. In the last century, a...

b s03 volker teuschler

Circular walk "Sentier des Passeurs"

Where : Troisvierges

The Smugglers Trail illustrates the border realities in the border region: the...

sentier des passeurs 01

Circular walk Binsfeld

Where : Binsfeld

Start: car park near the church in Binsfeld We go past the rural museum and...

circular walk binsfeld mill wheel

Circular walk Boxhorn

Where : Boxhorn

Start: at the fire station in Boxhorn We go through the village and walk...

circular walk boxhorn photo

Circular walk Breidfeld

Where : Breidfeld

Start: at the church of Breidfeld We walk through the fields located in the...

circular walk breidfeld photo

Circular walk Clervaux

Where : Clervaux

Start. car park at the Princesse Maria Teresa square in Clervaux We go uphill...

circular walk clervaux photo 1

Circular walk Eselborn

Where : Eselborn-Clervaux

Start: at the wayside cross "Jubilaeum AD 2000" We pass by the...

dsc 3212

Circular walk Heinerscheid

Where : Heinerscheid

Start: at the town hall of Heinerscheid We go through the village, across some...

circular walk heinerscheid photo

Circular walk Holler

Where : Holler

Start: next to the former primary school in Holler We walk through the village...

holler church

Circular walk Hosingen

Where : Hosingen

Start: at the town hall in Hosingen We follow the international footpath...

circular walk hosingen photo

Circular walk Munshausen

Where : Munshausen

Start: near the Brill chapel in Munshausen We walk across a narrow valley and...

circular walk munshausen photo

Circular walk Roder

Where : Roder-Clervaux

Start: car park at the chapel in Roder Via fields and forests, we go downhill...

circular walk roder photo

Circular walk Troisvierges I

Where : Troisvierges

Start: at the town hall of Troisvierges The route crosses fields, meadows and...

dsc 4353

Circular walk Troisvierges II

Where : Troisvierges

Start: at the train station in Troisvierges We follow the railway line to the...

circular walk troisvierges II photo 1

Circular walk Weiswampach I

Where : Weiswampach

Start: road junction at the N7 (E420) in Weiswampach We go through fields into...

border triangle

Circular walk Weiswampach II

Where : Weiswampach

Start: road junction at the N7 (E420) in Weiswampach We go through the fields...

circular walk weiswampach

Temporarily closed

Discovery Trail - The bat tunnel

Where : Wilwerdange

Discover a path amidst nature and enjoy the tranquillity! From Troisvierges...

eingang lehrpfad

European long-distance path E2-GR5

Where : Lieler-Clervaux

The Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg has always been in the vanguard of European...

european stage trail gr5 e2 remerschen photo 1

European long-distance path GR 57

Where : Weiswampach

lac haute sure kaundorf

National hiking trail "Clervaux-Our"

Where : Clervaux

The “Relais Clervaux-Our”, a 15-kilometre walk, takes you through...

stage trail clervaux our photo

National hiking trail "North"

Where : Weiswampach

This stunning footpath passes through seven towns and villages and has the...

stage trail north weiswampach photo 2

National hiking trail "Our"

Where : Weiswampach

This national footpath provides an opportunity to discover the Our Nature...

stage trail our weiswampach photo

National hiking trail "Panorama"

Where : Troisvierges

This footpath linking Wiltz with Troisvierges shows off the Oesling plateau in...

stage trail panorama troisvierges photo

Temporarily closed

Nature discovery path - Cornelysmillen

Where : Troisvierges

Walk through the nature reserve and with a bit of luck you will be able to see...


Pilgrim Route - Way of St. James

Where : Lieler-Clervaux

The 179 km-long Way of St James runs along Roman roads and watercourses where...

balise saint jacques de compostelle cmjn