BEO "Bauereninitiativ fir d‘Eislek an den Naturpark Our"

beo bauereninitiativ fir d eislek an den naturpark our honey


BEO "Bauereninitiativ fir d‘Eislek an den Naturpark Our"

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The Ourdaller products are high quality regional products that are grown and processed in the Our valley nature park in northern Luxembourg. According to the slogan "fresh from the field to the dish", transparency, traceability and quality are crucial to the Ourdaller farmers.

The Ourdaller range comprises 5 cold-pressed high quality oils (rapeseed, hemp, linseed, poppy, sunflower) 6 delicious mustards (classic, hot, sweet, garlic, estragon, beer), gluten-free buckwheat flour and pasta, poppy seeds and honey.


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2, am Eck
L-9757 Kalborn
Tel.: +352 691 99 85 13
Fax: +352 97 97 80

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