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Minigolf Luxembourg

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In the surrounding area

General aviation Luxembourg

Where : Luxembourg City

In Luxembourg you can fly a light plane or admire the beauty of the landscape...

luxembourg findel airport

Horseride Tour 09 : Schlösser-Tour (20km)

Where : Heisdorf

Heisdorf - Steinsel – Schoenfels – Hollenfels – Tuntange

horseride tour 09 schlosser tour 20km

Horseride Tour 13 : Mamer Rundtour (19 km)

Where : Mamer

Camping Mamer – Gaaschtmillen – Juckebesch – Kehlen –...

horseride tour 13 mamer rundtour 19 km

Indoor ice skating rink Kockelscheuer

Where : Luxembourg City

Recreation centre Kockelscheuer.  

indoor ice skating rink kockelscheuer

Skatepark Péitruss

Where : Luxembourg City

© Skatepark Péitruss design by Constructo Skatepark Architecture...

skatepark pe itruss 01