Viewpoint "Héikräiz"

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Viewpoint "Héikräiz"

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The Héikräiz - "High Cross", a historic stone cross, stands elevated in the landscape and offers a magnificent 360° panoramic view. It stands on the plateau of the Luxembourgish Sandstone from the time of the Lower Lias between 199 and 175 million years ago. The sandstone is mostly covered by marls and limestones which are used for agriculture. The plain you look at is the remaining part of a Tertiary peneplain. The brooks have cut deep into the area and arise from only temporarily water-bearing springs, which are fed with water from the limestone beds of marl and limestone. In the fields around you can find the fossil oyster Grypaea arcuata, a former sea dweller. It comes from the time when the marl was still the bottom of an ocean. Due to its shape, the fossil oyster is popularly called devil's claw.

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Op der Stroos
L-7650 Heffingen
Tel.: +352 72 04 57 1
Fax: +352 72 75 24

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Viewpoint "Héikräiz"

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