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S2 Mullerthal Classics

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With its length of 80 km and a total climb of almost 1.400 m, the Mullerthal Classics Tour can be qualified as sporty. It offers many different landscapes and gives a good impression of the Mullerthal Region. It starts in Echternach and leads uphill through a forest to Scheidgen. The tour passes through several small villages until the locality of Mullerthal. Then comes a longer, moderate increase along the Black Ernz, next to the famous waterfall "Schiessentumpel". Small climbs and descents over Heffingen and Waldbillig lead to Beaufort. After a trip down to Reisdorf on the Sûre, you take again a steep climb up to Beaufort. Then you ride down again into the valley of the Black Ernz. There will be one last slope to take until Berdorf, past unique rock formations. The last section runs downhill through the woods until Echternach.

Photo: © Mullerthal Cycling / Lutz


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Mullerthal Cycling - Mullerthal Classics

Useful information

Distance : 78.54 Km
Altitude : 1380 m
Difficulty : Difficult
Crossed localities : Echternach, Scheidgen, Mullerthal, Heffingen, Beaufort, Reisdorf, Beaufort, Berdorf